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Melasma Treatment 10% Tranexamic Acid w/ 20% Azelaic Acid


Tranexamic acid is one of the newest and most effective skin lightening products on the market today for treating melasma and removing dark skin spots. Our Better Complexions Ultra Whitening with Azelaic acid combines 10% Tranexamic acid with Azelaic acid to lighten unwanted melasma and dark spots.<p>


Melasma is a common skin discoloration that occurs on the cheeks, above the lips, on the foreheads, and chins of women between 20 and 50 years of age. Melasma is more common in people with olive or darker skin especially among those of Latin and Asian descents. It is thought to be brought on by sun exposure and hormonal changes from birth control medications and pregnancy.<p>


Tranexamic acid has been found to be the most effective compound for lightening dark spots and pigmentation such as those experienced by those who suffer from Melasma. It surrounds the melanin affected area and reduces the activity from the edges to the center. It works from the outside of the dark spots to the center until they disappear. It effectively prevents darkening of the skin due to overexposure to the sun and aging. Tranexamic also improves pigmentation of acne, scars, sun overexposure, and darkening related to medications and hormonal changes.<p>


We've also added 20% Azelaic acid which has been used for treating skin pigmentation and dark spots including post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma often in people with darker skin coloration. As a tyrosinase inhibitor it reduces the synthesis of melanin to make our Better Complexions Ultra Whitening with Azelaic acid one of the most effective products available bar none for the treatment of melanin, melasma, and age spots.<p>


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Clinical Studies<p>
Kondou have released their findings from a clinical study looking at the effects of a tranexamic acid (TA) emulsion applied to areas of the skin affected by melasma and freckles. The study involved 33 testees 25 with melasma and 8 with freckles, who used TA topically for five to eighteen weeks, after which their skin pigmentation was visually examined by a dermatologist.
Doctors found that the TA emulsion had improved the dark spots and freckles in 20 patients with melasma (80%) and 6 (75%) with freckles. No side effect was recognized and thus the use of TA topically was deemed safe. In regard to changes over the course of the clinical study, noticeable improvement was discovered within 8 weeks for discolored skin areas caused by melasma  and 12 weeks for skin areas with freckles; therefore, improvement was considered to require at least two months of topical application. The study concluded the TA applied topically was a practical cosmeceutical that provided a lightening effect on melasma and freckles through suppression of melanin synthesis. It also prevented the recurrence of new dark spots and freckles.

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