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A lunch time peel may sound like some type of hip new meal, but this assumption would be incorrect. It is actually a chemical peel and you certainly do not want to ingest a chemical peel! Now that you know what it is not, allow me to tell you what it is. What it is, is something women all over are talking about. You can hear the buzz of the TCA Lunch Time Chemical Peel in spas and salons all over the world. It has even been talked about on popular daytime shows and reality shows as being one of the best chemical peels you can get.

When you hear the term Lunch Time Peel, what it sounds like is exactly what it is-a chemical peel you can get during your lunch break. This type of cosmetic peel is low on invasiveness and high on effectiveness. This is the reason it can be done in the amount of time it would take to eat lunch and return to work virtually pain free. The most talked about aspect of this type of peel is that most women found that it was effective at removing sun spots, freckles, acne and rough patches of skin. While 100% removal does not occur for every person, at the very least there is typically noticeable fading. Immediately following the peel, the skin will be a bit red but will look no worse than a minimal sunburn, and this effect does not last very long.

When purchasing this product, you will receive an extra large ½ oz bottle of the 10% TCA Chemical Peel and get between 10 to 15 treatments out of it. When you receive your product be sure to follow the instructions for optimal results.

<p> 1 Bottle of 10% TCA Chemical Peel

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