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A 100% TCA peel is the very strongest possible strength and should be diluted to 50% strength which is used to improve various skin conditions we would all rather live without. By using a TCA chemical peel your skin can become smoother, better textured and healthier looking overall. While the changes you notice will be on the outer area of your skin, when you use a TCA chemical peel, the most beneficial changes are occurring underneath your skin. That is where the collagen in your skin cells are being stimulated in order to provide a better complexion and plumping of the skin to help rid or reduce lines and wrinkles. According to studies and customer reviews, TCA is the most effective chemical peel on the market and is suitable for all skin types and tones. Its safety has gone unquestioned so you can feel confident using it.

This product will come to you in an extra large ½ oz bottle. You will get between 10 to 15 uses out of it and easy to follow directions so you can get the best possible results. For even more awesome skin care, use a healing serum after your peel so your results will be noticeable much quicker!

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