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For a treatment that has proven to work time and again, try our tretinoin Retin A cream to help rid your facial skin of wrinkles as well as prevent them.

  • Treat and clear up your acne
  • Get rid of your wrinkles
  • Remove and lighten stretch marks

This product is the only skin treatment that has the seal of approval from the FDA which speaks volumes to its effectiveness as well as its safety. Retin A or tretinoin works by helping to increase the turnover rate of the skin cells which helps to quickly exfoliate any dead, flaky skin. This allows new and healthier cells to prosper, giving your face a younger look. Not only does it assist in ridding the face of wrinkles, it also works on any problems such as acne and facial skin scars.

  • Use it on laugh lines and crow's feet.
  • Use it around the corners of the mouth where wrinkles tend to develop in the creases.
  • Use on the neck to help with the aging signs that are often found there. 
  • Use it to treat stretch marks by increasing collagen production in the dermis.


Our BetterComplexions brand Retin A comes a in cream form in a 3/4oz jar. It has an edge on the competitors who provide it in gel form which can be a drying agent and is counterproductive. Once you begin to use, you should be able to see the effects within 6 to 9 weeks. Tretinoin takes time to reap its benefits. This is the perfect product for those who want excellent results without having to go through the time and pain of a chemical peel. Simply follow the instructions and get ready to have the face you always wanted!


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