Pure Hair Protein (8-10 Treatments) Reconstructing Hair Repair
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Pure Hair Protein (8-10 Treatments) Reconstructing Hair Repair

The Pure Hair Protein Reconstructing Hair Repair is a 100% unique formula that goes down deep into the core of your hair follicles. It is a super potent treatment that was only be available in professional spas in the past but is now available to you right here and right now!

To successfully repair hair that is damaged you must replace the keratin that is missing and this product does that for you. This special treatment gives each strand of hair a protein layer that will protect it all the way down to the shaft. This will keep the hairs from breaking and becoming damaged by allowing the moisture that your hair needs to be locked in.

Pure Hair Repair will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky when used on a daily basis. You should use it often to keep the protection in place for the most amount of time. If you use a good conditioner as well, your chances of having the perfect hair will increase tenfold!

Your product will come to you in a one ounce bottle that will allow you to give yourself up to ten treatments! This is such a powerful treatment that you only need to use a capful each time so that one ounce will go a long way! Follow the instructions closely for the best possible results! Made in the USA.


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