Sale 1/2 oz 20% Monobenzone 6% Arbutin & 6% Kojic Acid Permanent Skin Bleach
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One 1/2oz bottle of 20% Monobenzone is the strongest skin bleach on the market today.

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This terrific product contains 3 of the strongest skin whitening agents known to man: Monobenzone, Arbutin & Kojic Acid. All three combined make for one of the most perfect skin bleaching products in the world. All ingredients have been found to be safe to use for skin whitening. In fact, the Kojic Acid is so safe, that it is used in Japan as a food product as well as a skin lightener! All ingredients are harmless to humans when used properly and of the amount of Kojic in this product, 98% is pure product.

Since this is one of the most powerful products for use in skin lightening, it is able to work wonders for certain condition on certain people. Those who suffer with Hyper-Pigmentation, stretch marks, dark marks caused by past bouts of acne, freckles and birth marks may find it beneficial to use Kojic Acid Permanent Skin Bleach. Simply use as directed to get the desired results. It is recommended that it is used at least 2 times each day and that your face is washed before application. Once it is applied and absorbed into the skin you are all set. The only thing to do now is wait to see the results and prepare to be pleased!

One 1/2 oz bottle

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