Sale #4 Perfect Honey- for Light Medium Complexions Foundation
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#4 Perfect Honey- for Light Medium Complexions Foundation

We all know that finding the perfect foundation match for our skin tone can be extremely difficult. This can be especially true when you have a pale or fair complexion and have had difficulty finding a product that does not clash with your skin or make it look totally fake. If this is you, then you have found the answer to your foundation troubles right here with the #4 Miss Rose Perfect Honey for Light Medium Complexions Foundation!

While most foundations are heavy in composition, Miss Rose foundation users find that once applied, that it is hardly noticeable. In fact, many users have reported that they could not even tell they were wearing any foundation as it was so lightweight! In addition to its non-existent feel, this foundation is high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the most important ingredients in any product that is applied to the skin as it helps to keep the skin hydrated and feeling well moisturized.

Miss Rose foundation can help to conceal almost anything, including dark shadows and bags under the eyes. It gives you an complexion that is bright and sunny instead of sallow and baggy. So, for a soft and velvety feel while wearing your make-up, use Miss Rose foundation and you will never need another brand again!

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