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For fabulous eyes and radiant, vibrant shades, use Miss Rose 88 Color Eyeshadow. It is an innovative new shadow that can be used in its dry form to get a more subtle look or in its wet form for a more bold and expressive color splash. It can be applied in many different ways, including using one of the darker shades in the eyelid crease for an instant eye popping look!

Even though it comes with a complementary 7 piece brush applicator set, as well as a convenient mirror, this product can be applied with your fingers also. You can add water to the color to get a creamier look for bolder eyes at night or simply in its original powder form (which is made of minerals) for that daytime date in the sun.

Aside from the free brushes and mirror, your product will come in a case that is 22 cm x14 cm x 2 cm that is very lightweight and portable at only 128 grams. Ger yours today and begin experimenting with new looks that will give new personality to your same old eyes!

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