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The Miss Rose 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette comes with a fantastic array of colors to match any mood or outfit! Included in your purchase is a free 7 piece brush applicator set for easy shadow use and a built in mirror for your apply anywhere convenience.

All the Miss Rose Eyeshadow colors come in powder form and their main ingredients are pure minerals. Because of this, Miss Rose Eyeshadows are allergy free so they can be used by most anyone! (Although there may be a rare case in which an allergy could occur. You know your body best.) And, the highest selling point aside from the amazing colors to choose from is the fact that this Eyeshadow is waterproof! You can wear it to a pool party or on a date to a chick flick without worrying about the water or your tears messing up your sweet and sexy look!

Your product will come in a 29 cm x20 cm x 1.2 cm case that is lightweight (only 26oz) and can be taken with you anywhere you need to travel. The creamy texture can be gotten by using it in a wet/dry combination so you can get a look that is softer or more intense in nature.


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