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Having Milia spots can be embarrassing. Having any type of facial abnormality can! The good news is that you do not have to live with them as there are treatment options available, and the one you see here is prescription strength, making it more effective than many other brands.

Milia are similar to whitehead pimples in that they resemble them to a degree. Milia, however, are a larger a much more noticeable than whiteheads are. They are pockets of dead skin trapped in your skin pockets. They are actually classified as cysts that are filled with fluid due to skin cells that did not properly shed. When this natural shedding process does not occur, things begin to get clogged up and this is when the Milia spots form. This is a common condition in small infants but when it occurs in adults it is a much more serious skin condition that requires treatments to clear up.

This product is one of the strongest in its class to help rid you of your Milia spots. The best time of day to apply this cream is before bedtime. This is because during the day, your skin is much more sensitive to the sun’s rays and other free radicals and pollutants. While you sleep, you skin is in a better place for healing to occur.

Your purchase will come with 1/2oz jar of Milia Cream treatment. Use as directed for optimal results.


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