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If you are seeking terrific results today, then you are looking for 100% Strength Glycolic Chemical Peel. This fantastic chemical peel can help to unclog, clogged facial pores, decrease the amount of acne one has, and give your skin that over all radiant glow that you have been wishing for. The exfoliators found in the peel work by slowly getting rid of the layers of dead skin you have unknowingly been carrying around, and allow beautiful and healthy new skin to grow on the surface. The cells that are linked to the surface layer of the skin are weakened by the Glycolic acid so the process of normal dead skin shedding can get underway. You will also find when using this product, that the skin becomes more flexible, and because of this, its barrier protectant works much better to protect the brand new layer of untarnished skin! New skin growth is stimulated by the peel and this means that smoother and more beautiful skin is right around the corner.

Using the Glycolic Chemical Peel is safe when used properly and as directed. Keep in mind though, that after the peel is complete, it will not heal overnight. The healing process for the typical user is between 1 and 4 days but can be more depending upon the individual. This product comes in a bottle containing ½ oz of chemical peel solution.

<p> 1 Bottle of 100% TCA Chemical Peel

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