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Super Numbing 10g Cream W/5% Lidocaine + 2% Prilocaine + 1% Benzocaine + 1% Gentamycin

For a product that gives you 100% numbing action, try Super Numbing Cream. This product is a quick acting anesthetic cream that allow you to get tattooed with zero pain! In addition to getting inked pain-free, you can also use this fantastic cream for body piercing, waxing, cosmetic procedures and laser hair removal.

Your product will come with a 10 X 30 gram tube of Super Numbing Cream. Just one tube covers a 6 by 6 area of skin and you can use as many tubes as needed to cover the area that is being pierced, waxed or inked.

Application is simple. Wash the area to be treated with the cream and dry completely. Put a thick layer of the cream in the desired area and rub in till absorbed fully. Add a second layer, heavier than the first, and cover with plastic wrap. This will help the product to heat up which will activate it. Leave in place for at least 2 hours before your procedure takes place. Once the numbing takes over, it will last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours before full feeling returns. Just follow the directions for the best results to occur! Made in the USA.


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