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This strong and widely popular chemical peel may be just what you have been searching for! Glycolic Acid, interestingly enough, is something that has been associated with sugar! It is an acid that is derived from sugarcane, beet sugar, pineapple sugar, cantaloupe sugar and the sugar found in un-ripened grapes. Who knew natural fruit sugar would one day be used to save our skin?

Glycolic Chemical Peel work by rejuvenating the skin cells and encouraging the shedding of old damaged skin to allow the new skin to shine through. It is very popular with people who are showing signs of aging, such as liver spots, brown lines, dry patches, psoriasis and other conditions of the skin associated with aging and/or sun damage. It also can help those who battle acne problems.

This method of skin enhancement has been found to be effective on most users and also a safe way to get the fantastic skin that you crave. If used as directed, the healing time should be no longer than 6 days but can occur in as little as 3 days. Your product comes in a large .5 oz bottle and contains enough to provide you with 30 to 40 treatments.

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