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50% Strength Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel

Proven to be dermatologically safe and sound by the tops spas across the globe, the Glycolic Chemical Peel is one of the most used cosmetic peels in the world. In fact, many famous faces have been treated using Glycolic Chemical Peels and we all would love to have skin like we see on the big screen! The good news is that we can have what the stars do! You do not have to be rich and famous to get a top notch Glycolic peel. It may not make us celebrities but it can make us look like a million bucks!

Glycolic Acid serves us by helping to unclog pores that are backed up with oils, dead skin cells and other undesirables. It works by helping to stimulate new cell growth and collagen, and decreasing the glue that is holding the dead skin in place. By using this product, the dead skin can be helped away from the surface to reveal beautiful new and undamaged skin underneath. It is safe and easy to use as well. Simply apply as directed and wash away after the instructed amount of time has elapsed. Your estimated healing time is between 3 to 5 days and with the large .5 oz bottle you will receive, you can get up to 40 peels!

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