Sale Pre-Treatment 4 TCA & Glycolic Chemical Peel & Tattoo Removal
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When getting rid of tattoos with chemical remedies, it is usually smart to pre-treat the region for the best results along with the safety of the epidermis. Also, if you don't pre-treat your skin, the deep chemical peel might not work correctly. Sometimes, the buildup on the skin is really thick the chemical peel cannot penetrate deeply enough to complete the job. Using a pre-treatment plan you're increasing your odds of the deep chemical peel being effective.

This deep chemical peel pre-treatment detoxifies the dried-out skin effortlessly, while simultaneously giving your skin the necessary moisture. It's gentle enough to use on all skin tones and is effective for unclogging pores and opening the skin to get the peel to work. Among the primary ingredients is raspberry extract. This extract prepares the skin for that deep chemical peel and smoothes it, therefore the peel takes better. It consists of natural elements; for example Natural Aloe-Vera. And it is Paraben free which it a big selling point. Made in the USA.

To find the best results, make use of this treatment once per week prior to your deep chemical peel. Your products will come in a ½ ounce jar with simple to follow instructions.


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