Sale Ultra Whitening 10% Tranexamic acid with 10% Mequinol
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This is one of our most effective skin bleaching solutions with 10% Tranexamic acid and 10% Mequinol for dark skin tones. Tranexamic acid has been used by doctors for melasma and hyperpigmentation for over thirty years, and is quickly becoming known as one of the best and safest skin lightening agents. Mequinol is often prescribed by doctors and dermatologists to treat age spots and dark spots and is an effective permanent skin bleach. These two highly effective ingredients make our Better Complexions Ultra Whitening skin bleach with TXA and Mequinol some of the most effective available.

Tranexamic acid has been found to be the most effective substance for overall skin whitening and lightening dark spots and pigmentation. It encircles the melanin effected area and breaks down the hyperpigmentation activity from the edges to the middle. It works from the sides of the darkened area to the center until it goes away. It effectively prevents darkening of the skin due to sun exposure and aging. TXA also lightens the pigmentation of acne, scars, sun overexposure, and skin spots related to medications and hormonal changes.

Mequinol works by affecting the chemicals your skin carries that creates skin darkening that effects skin pigmentation. It can be used to help treat things such as liver spots, freckles, sun spots and other skin spots that have caused you to have abnormal darkened areas on your face or body. Mequinol is safe to use on most types of skin but to ensure the best results use as directed. Don't use Mequinol products if you're pregnant, have eczema, are sunburnt or work in the sun. Be sure to wear sun block to protect the skin you are trying to lighten.

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