Sale 3 Bottles -20% Monobenzone 10% Arbutin (Dark Spot Removal) Permanent Skin Bleach
  • 3 Bottles -20% Monobenzone 10% Arbutin (Dark Spot Removal) Permanent Skin Bleach
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Monobenzone is the first Skin Bleaching product in this very strong skin bleach/skin lightening product as it is the strongest kind of skin bleaching product you can use on your skin for skin lightening and the Arbutin Permanent Skin Bleaching system is an extremely effective and beneficial way of whitening skin and reducing a wide array of skin conditions caused by coloring. This product is made from a substance gathered from the bearberry plant and works by blocking certain cellular activities that cause melanin to form. Because of this, it is not only a fantastic whitening agent for people with minor skin problems; it can also help those who suffer from a skin condition called Melasma.

Arbutin skin bleach can also be highly beneficial for those with Hyper-Pigmentation of the skin which is a very hard condition to treat. Many of the treatments for this condition but they all have negative side effects. Using Arbutin is a safe and effective way to treat Hyper-Pigmentation. In addition, this product can also help fade, reduce or remove freckles, birth marks, age spots and other dark marks found on the skin, making you more comfortable with how you look and feel. The combination of ingredients makes this one of the strongest products for skin bleaching that can be found, so make sure that once it is used you apply a high SPF sun block as the sun can counteract with the chemicals in the treatment. You finally have the face you want and surely you do not want the sun to ruin it!

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